Episode 3

Episode 3

New trends in trash – artists’ and galleries’ roles within gentrifying neighborhoods in L.A. – Does the boom of artist run spaces actually point to a lack of support for emerging artists?

Writer's Room

Lindsay is joined by assistant editor Aaron Horst and Carla writer Travis Diehl, to discuss Travis’s recent article, L.A. Povera, which articulates new trends of trash being used in artwork in gentrifying neighborhoods. We talk about what these trends point to, how some galleries are using architecture to broker their presence in a gentrifying neighborhood, and if artists play a role in gentrification. L.A. Povera by Travis Diehl White-Wall White by Travis Diehl Letter from Laura Owens in Artforum

LA at Large

More L.A. at Large coming in Episode 4

Dear Carla

Lindsay is joined by Adam Miller and Devon Oder, the co-founders of The Pit to answer a question from a local L.A. artist about whether the explosion of artist run spaces points to a larger issue of a lack of mid-size commercial galleries and funded non-profits in L.A. Adam and Devon weigh in on the lack of support for emerging artists and the kind of alternative models we may be seeing more of to help sustain young working artists.